Stone Aged Souls

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Stone Aged Souls on Stage

Stone Aged Souls is the reflection behind the mirror,

the song before the composition, the story which can never be told.

Formed in 2010

Stone Aged Souls is an orchestra of multi-disciplinary artists who collaborate under the guidance of spontaneous inspiration. They are guided by the fire within and actively seek to return to the origins of music as an inclusive, impulsive act which is shared in community around the fire.

Originally formed in 2010 by visual artist Tawanda Mhandu(Zim) and composer/singer-songwriter Joel Karabo Elliott (USA/RSA), the Stone Aged Souls explore strange trans-artistic fusions through the live interplay between light, sand and music. The poet and trombonist, talking drum and singer, mbira and emcee, pennywhistle and guitar — all these carry one melody while gifted hands craft images in the sand.

The open spaces and rural villages of Limpopo province of South Africa have provided many a muse and teacher to the Stone Aged Souls. But they also delve into the city in search of collaboration. Aside from Tawanda and Joel Karabo, the collective’s members include vocalist Naftali of the Royal Family and guitarist/songwriter Sibusile Xaba from Pretoria as well as multi-instrumentalist Chris J Mocke and singer-poet Dennias Mashegwane from Limpopo. Close collaborators also include poet Xtreme Sanity, poet-singer Azah, the songstress Nancy Ginindza and poet Hazel Tobo.

The Stone Aged Souls have performed at a variety of gatherings, from fireside under thatch roofs in Limpopo homesteads to street music shows in Joburg (Fete de la Musique), from rural alternative arts festivals (ShiNdig Awé) to rock music festivals (Rocking For Rhinos). They were recently selected by Alliance Francaise as a featured touring ensemble in southern Africa for 2013, and have thus far performed in Port Elizabeth, Maseru, Pretoria and Joburg as part of the project.

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